The Visit

Michael peered out the window of the back seat of the taxi cab as it pulled up next to the curb. He stared at the adobe brick colored townhouse in front of him. The taxi came to a stop and Michael quickly paid the driver and exited the vehicle.

The taxi slowly drove off while Michael stood on the sidewalk a few steps from the front patio of the house. He took in a deep breath then walked torwards the entrance. Once he reached the front door, he reached over to ring the doorbell. His finger stopped just short of the plastic button.

Several months ago, Michael had broken up with his long-time girlfriend, Sarah. The breakup was mutual and Michael and Sarah remained good friends. Having no family ties in Alabama, Sarah had moved away to Austin, Texas shortly after the breakup.

Michael was now in Austin for a tech conference and decided that it would be nice for him and Sarah to catch up. She agreed and invited him over for lunch. This shouldn't have been a big deal to Michael but for some reason he was a little nervous.

After a brief hesitation, Michael pressed the button. A loud DING DONG echoed from inside. A few brief seconds later Sarah opened the door wearing a large welcoming smile on her face. "Hey you!" she exclaimed.

Michael smiled back. "Hey stranger! How have you been?"

Michael reached in and gave Sarah a big hug. After a good long embrace, Sarah motioned for Michael to come inside. "Come on in, I'll show you around."

Michael couldn't help but continue smiling. Sarah looked great. She looked better than he remembered. Her silky blond hair draped down to her shoulders and she wore a loose fitting turquoise blouse over white shorts which hugged the shape of her round ass perfectly. Michael suddenly noticed that his jeans needed a little adjusting.

Sarah led Michael through all the different rooms of the house. They started at the living room then the dining room, kitchen and office. Sarah talked briefly about each room giving tidbits about the decor. Michael just nodded and smiled thinking only about what he wanted to do to Sarah after having seen her again.

"Last but not least, the bedroom is upstairs," she said. "Follow me."

Sarah started walking up the stairs. Michael followed behind but slowed down to take in the view. The sight of Sarah's smooth legs and shapely, firm ass had Michael's mind reeling.

When they had reached the top of the stairs, Michael followed Sarah into the bedroom. It was spaceous with a good sized bathroom attached. Sarah rambled on again about the room and decor. Michael, however, was distracted. He needed to have her, right here, right now.

"So this is my place," she concluded. "What do you think?"

As if broken out of trance Michael hurredly replied, "It's very cozy." He then took a step towards Sarah. "I really like what you've done with the place."

They now stood face-to-face a foot away from eachother. Michael stared into Sarah's eyes. "What are you d-" Sarah tried to ask but before she could finish and without a word, Michael grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her up against the wall.

Their bodies were now pressed together. Sarah could feel Michael's arousal down below. She tried to speak again but in one movement, Michael placed a strong hand on Sarah's cheek and pulled her face towards his. Their lips met forcefully and passionately. Her body which was once rigid, melted slightly but almost as quickly, she stiffened up again. Sarah pushed Michael away in slight protest.

"I...I'm kind of seeing someone right now," she confessed. "I'm sorry."

Michael just gave a smirk. "So keep seeing him."

Sarah was dumbfounded. She didn't know what to say to that. She wanted this but felt conflicted. Michael on the other hand, didn't seem to care. Sarah had no idea what to do next.

Michael pulled Sarah in once again. This time his embrace was tighter. When their lips met this time, she melted completely.